EN - Cassandra Thalia
Når kunst udvikler sig til clairvoyance og Tarot




I will guide you through your challenges, and give you a view on your potentials, skills, strengths and opportunities.


Book an online Reading by sending me a pm or visit me in Copenhagen.

One-on-one reading can be arranged and done on video chat.

I use; Facetime, Facebook, Messenger or WhatsApp.

- and we will confirm details when booking your appointment.

READINGS - 45minutes

147€ / 160 USD / 1100 dkk


My spiritual abilities took off 8 years ago, back in 2016

- Since then, my abilities have developed from intuition to clairvoyance and now to also embrace contact with the deceased as a strong competence.

Since 2016, I have developed a method where, in collaboration with the deceased, I write a personal letter to relatives.

The handwriting is my own, but the words, phrases, language and themes come from the deceased.

You will receive the letter after our session.

I also offer clairvoyance in a form of therapy where I help you rediscover yourself, break your negative patterns and strengthen your intuition so you can make better choices in life.

Ethics is an important part of my work, so I don't talk about illness, death  or third person.

- I offer you a different form of therapy where you don't have to tell me anything in advance.

I will find the part of your story that is relevant to your blockages today.

I will open your past, in a gentle way, so that your processing and healing can begin.

I guide you spiritually and help you to let go of the past and the psychological blocks that may limit you in life.

My goal is to help you create the change that is needed in your life, so that you can create a greater joy in life.

You will also, along the way, get to know your strengths and competencies so that you can utilize your full potential.

I can also offer you a healing if you want a gentle start.

-If you are in any doubt about what to choose, you are welcome to write to me for non-binding guidance (kontakt@engleporten.dk).